Islander News Articles 10/7

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Miami Herald: George Richards/Diana Moskovitz had Islander head coach Scott Gordon's comments on Chris Lee that he would likely spend the night in South Florida to make sure he is ok and that because he was conscious and able to move there was no discussion of cancelling the game.

Canadian Press: Provided a summary of the writers predictions that did not put the names to the quotes or predictions but the New York Islanders were not among this anonymous groups favorite teams.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had a brief update on Bridgeport's cuts that did not include goalie Nathan Lawson, Andy Sertich, tryout forward James Sixsmith/Pascal Morency with
local product Vladimir Nikiforov for now.

More Tuesday as NYI Fan Central is putting the finishing touches up on it's own preview for release in the next day or two.

Note-Newsday did not even have an AP story on last night's game on it's website today with the franchise goalie playing his first game since March.

Mr Logan blogged this morning with speculation on Josh Bailey being sent down vs many of the players selected ahead of him who will make their NHL clubs this season here as he makes a very fair point if Schenn, Filatov and Boedker develop quickly it will prove why they were rated so highly.

Cheer up. Neil Best made sure to let us know Mike Santini, who was to take over as producer of Islanders games left MSG for the baseball here.

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