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College Hockey On-line: Candace Horgan has an indepth article on Islanders 2006 draft
pick Rhett Rakhshani, who was named assistant captain for the 2008-2009 season along with comments from Pioneers coach George Gwozdecky and his teammates.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Rakhshani has flown under the radar a bit because he was not in summer propsect camp but the writer does an excellent job here with Rakhshani telling us where the Islanders come into play along with a lot of in depth information on his journey to college hockey and being drafted by an NHL team.

Daily News: Ellott Olshansky also had a full two part feature Friday afternoon on Rakhshani with comments from Islander assistant general manager Ryan Jankowski along with mentioning prospect Blake Kessel, a defenseman at New Hampshire was also given Hockey East player of the week consideration.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The New York Daily News that does not cover our games or provide a blog on the club put up a two part feature on a New York Islander prospect in the middle of a Friday afternoon? This received more space than anything the News has reported on in years regarding the club.

I'm speechless and have no idea what to make of this even if reposted from another publication which I believe it was.

Utah Grizzlies: Announced Ryan Kinasewich has been named Utah captain with comments from head coach, Kevin Colley.

Daily Gleaner: Bill Hunt notes Rob Hennigar, the offensive leader in CIS hockey last season, has not registered even a shot on goal in his first three American Hockey League games with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

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