Newsday Holding Islanders to Unfair Standard

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/30/2008 12:33:00 AM |
Just to clarify Tsn: on the amended injury policy states clubs cannot falsify information, or misrepresent a player's condition; but teams are no longer required to disclose the specific nature of a player injuries.

The Red Wings brought up the policy change during the finals and the vote was unanimous among NHL teams for those thinking Charles Wang or Chris Dey are off doing this on their own which only stirs up the fans and does not tell the truth. Mr Logan noted some teams do not disclose injuries like the Islanders then then went right back to complaining about the policy.

So when Greg Logan claims Rick DiPietro (or any player) is faking an injury in his blog he better produce some proof of that and quickly before the club goes to the league and media relations department about his conduct. He jumped all over no press box announcement during the game on DiPietro (like Brendan Witt against Dallas) but DiPietro was still on the Islander bench and then our beatwriter went for Bill Guerin's comments after the game.

Too bad Mr Logan never went after interviewing Radek Martink or some of our others players this hard the last two plus years or maybe they would not be so under-rated around the NHL and more folks would want to come out spend money on tickets to watch them play hockey?

Says a lot when Freddy Meyer can go from New York to Phoenix and back and not even be interviewed when it happened for weeks on end.

Good luck finding much on Tomas Pock in Newsday.

I thought we would have a little fun with this topic that will not go away that has been a major issue for Greg Logan back to last June when he went off in his blog finding out about Guerin and DiPietro's surgery and the new policy which was consistent with the timing of the general managers meeting.

That was the night by coincidence he hooked up with Marc Gandler for the infamous Yashin could be returning headline which Newsday quietly retracted where then-Bergenheim's agent was not even quoted about negotiations.

Anyway all this Newsday complaining got me thinking.....

Surely there must be teams and newspaper writers all over North America complaining even louder than Newsday, a lot louder.

Newsday is not a major player in terms of hockey coverage that does not even attend the Stanley Cup finals or the All-Star game even when a New York Islander is the starting goaltender or even have it's beatwriter blogging when the franchise player got hurt on national television last season?

You would be surprised how this is basically a non-issue for almost every publication outside of Newsday. No other beatwriter or newspaper staff has been acting this way stirring up the public.

Here is a sampling of recent articles on the subject, if anyone can find a media acting like Newsday by all means let us know.

Sun Media: Had Canes GM Jim Rutherford's comments on the subject and a history of how things were done with the Leafs under Pat Quinn.

St Louis Post Dispatch: Jeremy Rutherford did not go off at the Blues for Islander-like statements on Blues forward D.J. King about his injury.

Camwest News: Has Canadian general manager Guy Carboneau's comments the Canadiens are adhering to a new NHL policy which says they don't have to reveal the nature of an injury but Carbonneau did say that Koivu's injury was not related to the foot ailment which sidelined him in training camp.

Isn't that what the Islanders just announced about DiPietro's latest injury?

Red Fisher or Pat Hickey forgot to claim Koivu was faking when they got a similar statement.

Washington Times: Had their newspaper blogger report according to a Caps spokesman former Islander Viktor Kozlov is day-to-day (like us all) with an injury and to enjoy the NHL's new policy on injuries, because that is all teams are required to say.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Dave Molinary reported team officials, again invoking a policy instituted recently by the NHL, declined to identify the nature of defenseman Hall Gill's problem, which prevented him from practicing who recently was expected to sit out a game against the Hurricanes.

Star-Tribune: Michael Russo reported Wild GM General Manager Doug Risebrough would not discuss specifics of Marian Gaborik's injury or a potential time frame for his return.

Funny thing here is only Newsday is acting in this manner, the same paper that did not even report how many man games the club lost to injury last season when they had full injury disclosure with the Islanders leading the league.

Draw your own conclusions folks. I would not trust this Newspaper staff with anything if I owned the club and if they want anything from my team I want the same coverage Cablevision gives their own team on television and in the paper.

We could not even get live internet games on for the preseason and an Msg President who acted like he could care less recently comment. The same company who promoised enhanced Islander television coverage late last season.

They want a discussion on access and information that's where it should start for all of our fans which is a topic Newsday wants no part of writing about.

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