Poll Update: Who should Snow/Gordon cut

New York Islander Fan Central | 10/02/2008 07:17:00 AM |
The official return of our polls at NYIFC is off to a good start.

This weeks poll put you in the place of general manager Garth Snow and head coach Scott Gordon where you decide who you would cut if it were up to you.

The poll winds down around the time the club finishes up the preseason but already we have had one waiver pickup and the injuries adding up fast and furiously with some Bridgeport players recalled.

Joey MacDonald 13 (25%)
Yann Danis 19 (36%)

So far on the goaltending front Joey MacDonald has the edge on Yann Danis as to who stays but a lot of votes for both to go which I guess is a statement for Garth Snow to sign a veteran backup until DiPietro is completely ready to play without risking an injury.

Frans Nielsen 10 (19%)

Somewhat surprised after his four point game and a lot of good reviews even ten voters want Frans Nielsen and his four year contract to go down.

Andy Hilbert 29 (55%)

Not surprised so many have seen enough of Andy Hilbert but my guess is as long as there are injuries he has a spot.

Jeremy Colliton 22 (42%)

Jeremy Colliton was listed with the fourth line against NJ which is never a good sign and likely means as soon as some players get healthy he will be going back to Bridgeport which has to be considered a hit.

Tim Jackman 29 (55%)
Mitch Fritz 34 (65%)
Brandon Sudgen (tryout/release) 23 (44%)

I would guess from the voting most feel to this point the Islanders cannot afford an enforcer with limited skills but the publicity for Sudgen has made folks want to see more or have him signed. Jackman has AHL scoring ability but if there is a spot on this team I expect that role is a frequent scratch.

Richard Park 5 (9%)

I voted for Richard Park to be cut or placed on waivers. Isles cannot afford another winger who cannot score to hold back a prospect at this stage. I would give Colliton his spot and not look back even if it means a short-term hit with the penalty kill.

My guess is Park easily makes the roster with two years left on his contract.

Jack Hillen 11 (21%)

I guess the vote for Jack Hillen's departure will increase with a powerplay mistake that led to a goal against and Pock's acquisition but with Campoli and Sutton out for what seems a while that could be a mistake because we know the rest of this group is not going to score or prouduce offense with any consistency.

Bruno Gervais 3 (5%)

With the injuries I guess any questions on Gervais and his new contract going on waivers to be demoted are virtually over and never really began. No doubt he has a spot here even if it's in the stands when everyone is healthy.

Jeff Tambellini 10 (19%)

I guess the folks who agree with Ted Nolan or see him not producing chances would perfer Tambellini go on waivers or leave town. I do not see that happening under any circumstances because they want to know for sure and given Robert Nilsson and other prospects who left early it's impossible to blame them and goes against the youth movement Garth Snow is selling.

He got bounced around good by Holik last night.

Josh Bailey 25 (48%)

I guess a lot of folks have seen enough or read enough to think Bailey belongs back in Windsor at this age. Obviously not Garth Snow or Scott Gordon or he would be gone already, he does have to be signed to stay so this should get resolved quickly after the poll ends.

You can bet Bob Boughner and the folks in Windsor want him back ASAP.

Chris Lee 38 (73%)
Brett Skinner 39 (75%)

I do not know enough about Lee or Skinner to write they are depth defenders and even with the injuries are fill in players for the preseason, obviously many of the votes seem to reflect the same thing. Bridgeport seems to have two teams in their exhibition games so a lot of players down there.

Other 4 (7%)

Hate doing a poll where anyone votes for other, unless the folks who voted this way respond and have the names of who they want cut, I cannot do more than speculate Okposo, Comeau, Bergenheim or a veteran.

I guess that's everyone.

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