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New York Islander Fan Central | 10/22/2008 02:56:00 PM |
This weeks poll asks do you agree with Scott Gordon's coaching so far?

So far it's obviously early but I have read a few comments from Scott Gordon about things he has never seen before or this is how they do it here or words to that effect, this does not reflect someone who is a partner and exactly on the same page with Garth Snow.

That part of the poll is a split but these are very small things the media is upset about who are going to constantly make it a part of the daily questions for the coach as he is pressed for answers.

Scott Gordon is also dealing with a little more media than he had in Providence.

Only the coach and general manager know where they stand on Blake Comeau in Bridgeport and Nate Thompson claimed on waivers but it's obvious Scott Gordon wanted Nate Thompson.

Blake Comeau does not play Thompson's position so it's not directly related, the fighting element only came into play for Thompson in the Buffalo game so far.

Bergenheim has not been played with the right players for the best chance of him succeeding or is seeing many minutes but that will change as he is moved from line to line.

I agree for the most part this is all about the early ups and downs and not having Radek Martinek is a huge loss.

Results to date:
Too early 22 (51%)
Yes 10 (23%)
No 3 (6%)
Not seeing Comeau in Bridgeport a plan? 8 (18%)
Why is a waiver pick in Thompson here? 7 (16%)
Have to play someone who can skate/fight in Thompson 5 (11%)
With injuries he is doing great 2 (4%)
Bergenheim needs to be on a scoring line 9 (20%)
Normal ups and downs so far that go beyond coaching 8 (18%)
Working relationship with Snow will help players 4 (9%)
Snow and Gordon not on same page 4 (9%)
Other 0 (0%)

Quick Hit:
Always fun reading Newsday reporter Mark Herrmann hold the party line on hyping the latest Ranger flavor of the month but of course now that Avery he no longer wears a Ranger jersey we see him not hold back on pointing out his downside when he simply could have done an article on Aaron Voros here.

When was the last time Mr Herrmann did an article like this on the Islanders? Not a Cablevision issue, Mr Herrmann always has had the glass filled for the Rangers and empty for the Islanders.

Phil Mushnick of the Post did a nice job calling Trautwig on the double-standard here Mark Herrmann is no different.

And of course now that Ryan Hollewig is a former Ranger according to Mr Herrmann his hits from behind are now a trademark here.

NYI Fan Central Update:
Two of the new blogs added to the Islanders blog box does not have a specific writer
or Islander-centric content only so I pulled them from our blog box widget feeder.

Both those blogs were on the sidebar to link to anyway before joining the teams blog box program so for now I will leave them there.
For the record folks as long as Yahoo sports is going to give us coverage from at best a fringe blogger attempting to pass himself off as professional media and then not display professionalism, it's time to say goodbye to Yahoo's Islander feeder and that kind of worthless content.

Please spend some money Yahoo and add a professional hockey writer or just cut the coverage.

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