Roster Speculation/Sudgen Released

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One more preseason game on Monday, at this point unless Scott Gordon is playing for no injuries Monday in Florida we should see something close to his opening night lineup outside of perhaps giving Martinek-Witt another game off so that key pairing start the season healthy.

Fair to write it looks like we could have a few set lines on paper given the preseason so I'll do a little speculation.


Scott Gordon says for Bailey to make it he has to be on the top three lines, with Sillinger behind this group I see that as virtually impossible at this point unless there is another injury or someone sits down the middle for this to happen. Comrie has moved around a little but this seems to be where he fits best so if you want to play Bailey and move Comrie to the right someone out of Guerin, Okposo, Hunter, Park takes a seat.

Unless Comeau displaces a right wing on the top three lines I do not see a spot for Bergenheim on the left in the top three unless Tambellini slumps badly.

Fritz/Jackman have played the last two games if the club carries an enforcer or Rechlicz is called up.

Colliton is getting a lot of fourth line looks like they are trying to force things with the 2003 pick, this could be the last call for him because he's here and Hennigar (who's older/with Walter) did not even make it to New York. For Colliton to stay I would guess someone out of Park or Hilbert has to go.

Let me write again where does this go when Sillinger is ready and the group is healthy?

Backline you can pencil in Witt-Martinek as a lock, aside from that it seems wide open with Streit, Meyer in the mix with two other defenders. When Campoli-Sutton finally return if the group stays healthy this is a very deep defense in an organization where this defense history screams you can never have enough depth.

But like last year you cannot carry nine.

Even with the injuries Gervais is not getting on a combo with anyone you would project to start the season despite Chris Lee's goal unless Gordon pulls a shocker and Lee (or Skinner) stay which on paper seems impossible without a Hillen demotion which would be inevitable when Sutton/Campoli return.

Meyer has played with Streit and Pock, I just do not know how that ends up.
Hillen has played with Streit and Skinner.
Pock paired with Skinner and Meyer.

Seems a competition there as a new player gets aclimated while a college player with skill gets the full shot in camp.

My absolute guess is whatever we see Monday will decide things, my speculation for today is Gervais is on the outside looking in to start. Hillen does not require waivers, Pock does so in that event if it's close you play it safe and keep both or demote Hillen now and give Lee/Skinner the spot.

My projections:
Streit-Hillen Streit-Meyer
Gervais/Lee or Skinner

Soon as Campoli-Sutton are ready Hillen/Lee/Skinner go down or a trade is made.

Begs the question could Scott Gordon go eleven forwards, seven defenders?

And if you think that's easy good luck deciding on Danis/MacDonald because both have played very well. My guess here is MacDonald gets the spot because of the one-way contract and he was in the organization last season but neither seemed out of place
against two teams playing virtually their opening night rosters and facing heavy pressure stood up well.

I see no reason why there is any reason to push DiPietro early, both these goaltenders can hold the club in if they start with no rust on them to begin the season and have seen NHL action in their careers. The test for them will come later when DiPietro does finally play a big stretch of games and they have some rust from sitting and have to step in.

Good luck Garth Snow and Scott Gordon.

My inclination is someone is going to end up on waivers who was a regular here last season or Garth Snow is going to make a small deal.

Any questions now why this gm was not signing players many UFA this summer or bringing back his own UFA because it sure had nothing to do with the building.

All I can add accoring to Mr Botta's blog Brandon Sudgen was reportedly cut who sent him a classy e-mail thanking him and the fans.

Expect a ton of activity also on the Utah-Bridgeport-Odessa fronts also, some of those moves can give us an idea how things will go here.

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