Islander News Articles 11/14

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Newsday: Greg Logan has the Islanders post-game with head coach Scott Gordon on his teams play, Trent Hunter on the play that led to his goal with a second article on the youth and Mike Comrie's injury status along with Radek Martinek here.

Mr Logan's Friday Islander Insider will partially look back at the youth movement from 2002 with Spezza-Heatley vs Scott Gordon's long-term view as it applies to the prospects today.

Ottawa Citizen: Ken Warren's article even notes all the Islanders missing from the lineup which the local papers barely tough on at all. Ottawa Sun: Bruce Garrioch article has comments from Senators coach Craig Hartsburg along with blog coverage here from a staff that includes Don Brennan and Chris Stevenson.

Colorado had three scouts in Ottawa with so-called trade rumors according to Mr Garrioch.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Should be noted Mr Garrioch's trade rumors have proven very unreliable to a point it's hardly worth noting.

Darien Times: Steven Buono has a few words on Ryan Shannon getting hit by Thomas Pock.

Ottawa Citizen: Ken Warren has comments from Thomas Pock about his elbow on Ryan Shannon as the hit will be reviewed by the league while the Senators lobbied for a suspension while TSN here reports Pock's hearing will be at 2pm Friday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is more than I have read from Pock since he came here, Mr Logan had nothing from him.

The Telegram: BRENDAN MCCARTHY had a feature on Mark Wotton's return to NF and recapped Bridgeport's 6-2 win.

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