Islander Notables/Bailey Activated

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Comments from head coach Scott Gordon on the possible return of Radek Martinek against Philadelphia, Mike Comrie heading to the doctor with nothing final (as of the afternoon) in terms of Josh Bailey or a possible Bridgeport callup along with the Flyer game and some praise for Tim Jackman.

Newsday: Greg Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog tonight reported Josh Bailey has been activated from the club's injury list with his comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Spin the wheel and draw your own conclusions. Bailey could be returned to Juniors, go to Bridgeport and head on the trip to Canada or play for the Islanders/sit on the sidelines. Martinek's return would be a big boost and a logical guess is Skinner sits but that's only a guess.

What Bailey cannot afford is a third injury whatever it is.


The Nassau County Fire Fighters Operation Wounded Warrior (NCFF-OWW)here will be collecting care packages at the main box office entrance and Gate 16. If you can stop by and help these folks in their efforts it would be greatly appreciated.

NCFF-OWW is a registered non-profit organization of Fire Fighters who run a collection campaign of care package items prior to the holidays for the past several years.

During the first weekend in December the group will be involved with "Long Red Line" of fire vehicles that bring the collections to the Wounded Warriors who will be spending their holidays recovering in Hospitals away from their families who visit, Fr. Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Bethesda Naval and Walter Reed Army Hospitals.