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New York Islander Fan Central | 11/26/2008 07:19:00 AM |
I thought today it would be a little fun to give my own little list of all the Missing Persons on the New York Islanders in terms of media interviews where our fans read some actual quotes from them and perhaps get to learn a little about them.

Seems the best of Jon Sim and even MacDonald have come from their local papers in Canada.

Michael Fornabaio always seems to blanket the Sound Tiger roster in this department making sure we get something from everyone. In the NHL a Guerin, Weight, DiPietro are constantly quoted but for today I thought I would make my own little missing persons list of players we rarely hear from.

Who knows maybe an interview or two with all these local Newsday
writers would make these players and the team a little less under-rated when they do well? Sure could not do any damage in the ticket buying department.

1. Radek Martinek-He's learning English and had improved from his last tv interview, someone can be brought in to do an extended feature. Too good a player to let fly under the radar with no publicity.

2. Someone call out the Richard Park/Andy Hilbert media police, I think I have read one quote from Park in Newsday this entire year and about the same from Hilbert.

3. Thomas Pock-I did not see any quotes when he was claimed on waivers for what seemed a few weeks, I'm not sure I read one thing until his suspension.

4. Brett Skinner-I'm not sure I read one thing from of a player who did a more than solid job in over ten games before he left.

5. Freddy Meyer-It says a lot when a player can go from Phoenix to New York and back without a quote for weeks last year. I think when he signed we finally got a few words. I did read his comments about adjusting to the system earlier this year but that's about it.

6. Brendan Witt-We do not read nearly enough on one of the leaders on this club who is a fan favorite.

7. Jeff Tambellini-Not nearly enough quotes for the fans interest in him and the obvious pressure on him.

8. Not much at all from Gervais or Campoli in terms of quotes.

9. The way Hunter is playing he should be getting a lot more ink. Bergenheim got a few words on ITV Monday, rarely quoted in the paper.

10. Same with Sutton and all those blocked shots/solid play.

I tend to think if the public got to know the players more they would identify with them.

Who would you like to hear from among the players?

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