Kyle Okposo Has To Play Right Wing

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/07/2008 11:08:00 AM |
I have no idea what Scott Gordon or management sees as the benefit to Kyle Okposo playing with Bill Guerin or Doug Weight if he means he has to play left wing for it to happen?

It's tough enough for a nineteen year old to play at this level without a franchise veteran scorer in his prime. If the coach wants Okposo to play with them up it's up to management to change Guerin's position and have him go play the left side.

This is just not working.

Okposo looks like a confused player who is not comfortable in any zone on his off wing with only a few flashes of skill carrying whatever contribution he is making.

Okposo a few times had other players on his sides as he saw an odd shift
on the right or drifted there during line changes.

Didn't Garth Snow or the Islander scouts see what making him a center in Minnesota did to his game early last season? Ted Nolan moved Blake Comeau off left wing for about three weeks last year and he his impact on games was almost completely missing.

There are reasons you see many players play one position for their entire career.

Kyle Okposo is a right wing, that is where he needs to play to have his best chance at success.

I'm not seeing what Scott Gordon or management is doing here with Okposo at all, too high a price for him to play with Guerin or Weight if it means he changes position.

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