Make the call on Josh Bailey

New York Islander Fan Central | 11/17/2008 12:12:00 PM | |
Thanks to everyone who participated in last weeks poll.

The Poll was which was about why were the Islanders struggling to hold leads in the third period?

Here were the final numbers:
No Witt, Martinek, Meyer, DiPietro 17 (62%)
System tiring out players 5 (18%)
Not enough depth 6 (22%)
Not enough collective confidence in their ability 5 (18%)
Not enough talent when game is on line 10 (37%)
Others teams ability at crunch time 5 (18%)
Old habits tough to break 8 (29%)
Islanders are ready to breakout and win 1 (3%)
Islanders treading water hanging in games for two periods 1 (3%)
Other 1 (3%
This week poll is one that will go right up to the day Josh Bailey's nine game trial comes to an end where you make the call where you think he should play?

I would expect votes later as opposed to earlier but feel free to keep changing on a game by game basis.

Garth Snow and Scott Gordon have a tough decision to make but will likely will have Comrie, Sillinger and Thompson back at some point.

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