New York 2, Vancouver Canucks 1 Shootout

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USA Today/AP: Recaps the Islanders 2-1 shootout win. Also recaps Monday's shootout win for New York.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
MacDonald was the difference again with several big saves and fantastic in the shootout.

Never saw a player go as wide as Demitra on a shootout, never saw anyone take out another play by knocking the net into the end boards which was a heck of a check by Hilbert.

It all started with MacDonald and ended with some good plays by the defense getting in the lanes like Hunter diving to block a puck at the end of the second.

Defense bent a few times but MacDonald did not break, Vancouver has some very fast young forwards to go with the Sedins and all night long it seemed like Canucks had four players around the puck because of how well they skate.

Vancouver's speed gave the Islanders trouble from the opening drop of the puck and led to mistakes in the neutral zone and in their own end. A turnover led to Demitra scoring the opening goal and creating other chances that could have put the game away early. Scott Gordon was very upset with the opening goal.

Islanders did not generate much and nothing dangerous before Bergenheim's second period chance, they did not do a bad job in the trenches and a few pucks were centered in the first period but a few blocks by Vancouver or soft shots.

All of a sudden after Bergenheim's chance the gates opened, the Canucks slower defense did have some troubles and the Islanders started getting some good looks at Luongo with Bailey on the powerplay, Jackman driving past players (drawing a powerplay) and did everything but finish (one off a great pass from Hilbert) who had a dominating night and worked to create.

That's more than I have seen from Tambellini in any single game, Okposo worked for a chance or two, his high sticking call trying to tip a shot with Luongo out seemed a poor call.

Finally a good screen and a Canuck tip of a Weight shot had the Islanders on the board.

Islander powerplay did not do much but the penalty kill dug in and made enough plays to keep the game tied with MacDonald solid.

Guerin made a very nice move to center ice in the third and showed his speed/shot, Hunter, Nielsen had some very strong plays in all three zones and Luongo had to be very good on some late shots by Hunter. Defense tried to join the rush with Streit a few times. Campoli, Gervais in overtime looked hungry for another ot goal. Sutton had to work very hard in this one to stay with the Canucks fast forwards.

Skinner keeps making steady plays and mistake free hockey.

A few times the Islanders over extended shifts and you could see Park get a chance but had nothing left so he shot.

You get into overtime against Luongo and wonder if it's best to take a chance and go all-out for a goal than play for the shootout? Late in overtime Vancouver again turned up the pressure so when the Isles did clear they had little left to go for it on offense.

Nielsen scored in Toronto a few years ago in a shootout, he built no momentum just standing at center ice but made a great move. The rest was all MacDonald who looked like Dubielewicz on the game winning save.

I was surprised Bailey got a chance in the shootout.

A well-earned three days off for the Islanders, considering what's ahead combined with the standings they had to have two points here.

The possible return of Witt makes this coming Friday's game feel like opening night # 2 in Newark.

Was that actually our announcers who were critical of someone's media? I did not know Billy Jaffe had it in him.

Now if we can only have them get on the local media.

Classless ad by Msg afterward with a Friday preview claiming playing the Devils with Kevin Weekes is like playing against a team with an open net from the company that shows their games. Weekes has played for all three local clubs and has been a class act.

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