NHL Notables: Classless Actions

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Star Tribune: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild defender Nick Schultz said Colorado's Darcy Tucker followed through with a threat of taking out his knees in a game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Mr Russo brought up Michael Peca getting injured, he did not bring up Peca in advance of his injury telling the media Tucker was going to try and injury him before he followed through and was successful.

This is why things escalate and we have Bertuzzi-Moore like problems.

How many times can this be ignored by Colin Campbell?

Call in the officials, players and get some statements from everyone and then take action if true because a lot of these suspensions are based on intent to injure.

Did Schultz have to be injured for months before something is done?

I tend to believe Schultz but let the officials and players involved go have a hearing and then make a fair determination. We sure have enough of the Simon-Pronger justice by whatever you feel like on this day rules from Colin Campbell.

SI.com: Jim Kelley the other day decided to talk about the NHL injury policy and of course after some criticism of the Devils regarding Martin Brodeur went after the Islanders for how they announced injuries to Rick DiPietro.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No truth to the rumor Mr Kelley decided to call all the coaches who were not hired by the Islanders to ask if they agree with the Islanders policy voted on unanimously by all the clubs.

Not a word was written about how Crosby's injury was not disclosed or how the Wings, Canadians and Wild disclosed injuries the same way. Mr Kelley again could not pick up the telephone.

Espn/Several Sources: Have comments from Ranger assistant general manager Cam Hope the club wants a compensatory draft pick for Alexei Cherepanov because he was eligible to
re-enter the draft this summer if not signed regardless of the fact he has passed away.

The CBA does not specifically state such compensation should be awarded in this instance and only refers to draft-eligible players. The Rangers still consider Cherepanov as draft-eligible despite the fact he is no longer alive.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Usual classless stuff from team Cablevision and pathetic to even be discussing, true they did not present it themselves to the masses, the media did that and I use that term very loose considering we are talking about the NY Post.

No franchise should be awarded compensation if a player passes away as if he decided not to sign or re-enter the draft, it's not the same thing at all despite it being a horrible tragedy that no compensation pick in a draft will ever change.

If the NHL rules do not include a provision for this specific circumstance no team should be entitled to compensation.

If the league wants to sit down and change the CBA and assign draft pick compensation for all players drafted or signed who have a tragedy then there is something to discuss, but for any teams management to argue they are entitled to a pick here as if a player can re-enter a draft or eligible to simply is not correct.

Islander first draft pick Duncan MacPherson here who died and was found in 2003 would not apply either and was signed by the Islanders despite never playing a game before his contract was later bought out by the club.

Yes folks, this is the same company that owns the television and newspaper coverage for the New York Islanders and who's employees creates perception about local hockey.

Should be fun watching the Ranger spin doctors/aka Newsday staff try and defend this one or at least watch them mute their opinion or move on quickly.

And you wonder why Gary Bettman has threatened to remove Jim Dolan as owner along the way for making up their own rules or redefining rules in this case.

Imagine if Charles Wang or Garth Snow requested this how Newsday and the public would react? I guess this is Cablevision's idea of an injury policy.

Cue the double-standard.

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