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Carolina News Observer: Luke DeCock speculates on the job status of former Islander head coach Peter Laviolette with the history of how gm Jim Rutherford reacts in these circumstances and felt the Canes recent win may have saved Laviolette from being fired afterward.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Usually when a coach is on the hot-seat as Laviolette was entering last summer where the Canes took a long time to confirm he would be back, a firing does happen if the club struggles at the beginning of the next season. Mr DeCock is speculating but this is not a writer that plays the shock-jock game with hockey content.

I suspect it's as serious as the writers speculation indicates.

I know I'm rooting for a good coach like Laviolette to keep his job, our game is better with him behind an NHL bench where he belongs.

USA Today.com: Ted Montgomery had an update where he tells us what we already know, the Wings are not on the media radar in Detroit vs the major market teams in town.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
What's disappointing was all the talk of the Islanders attendance, the Wing went to the semifinals two years ago in front of a lot of empty seats and opened last year
to completely empty sections here yet all we read is about the age of the Nassau Coliseum and not Msg?

Sportsnet.ca: Jim Kelley in an all NHL column took some digs again at the Islanders injury policy speculating some feel Mike Comrie was listed injured as a face-saving gesture but the writer did not accept that crediting Scott Gordon for running a tight ship and demanding performance.

Mr Kelley also wrote the truth is there are very few kids worth playing in the New York system and Gordon has been patching together what he has while leaning on his vets, much the same as Ted Nolan did.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Kind of funny Mr Kelley now thinks Scott Gordon runs a tight ship after criticizing him back in August along with his claim no other coach interviewed objected to being passed over Sports Illustrated for the Islanders opening.

Mr Kelley had a few words about the Devils doing this also in terms of injuries a week ago but a lot of clubs have the same policy, apparently Mr Kelley failed to notice the club has been releasing more information.

A few good story lines around the club right now, too bad he did not bother noticing any of them once again which include the prospects.

Tsn.ca: Central Scouting released it's 2009 early draft rankings with the full list expected to be released later today.

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