Hard to get a read on Scott Gordon's decisions

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/09/2008 04:22:00 PM |
December 1st we read an article from Mr Logan in Newsday where Mike Comrie was told six-eight months for recovery from surgery as he talked about why he was hurting earlier and stopped playing here. Today (only eight days later) we are reading quotes from Scott Gordon that Mike Comrie said his HIP feels better than it has in five years and he could be playing Comrie by the end of the week if he needs another forward here.

On top of that the coach had more on not resting Joey MacDonald who will continue to play him as long as he does well. The Islander coach repeated a lot of his radio interview yesterday on FAN 590 that DiPietro is about three weeks from returning.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Scott Gordon is not having one of his better stretches. He seems to be one of the few talking about how well his club played Saturday, now this?

If Comrie says his HIP is better than it's been in five years he should be in the lineup tonight. Sounds like Gordon intends to play MacDonald until he struggles but that does not seem like he is looking out for his best interest.

As a goaltender Scott Gordon should understand the need for some breaks better than anyone.

Danis was sent down for work, he had a good preseason, why not give him a game?

Wonder what Brett Skinner did to not get a callup for Joe Callahan given how well he played when he was here?

I guess the Islanders need a fight by appointment tonight if Fritz gets another callup, what's Tambellini doing until Friday where he could have played some games here?

Hard to figure some of these decisions.

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