Help get Jiggs McDonald & Canadian Citizens Home

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The more I read about what's going on in Thailand, the more concerned I have become and today I am asking for your involvement.

To that end until this is resolved NYI Fan Central goes on hold in terms of any hockey updates at this blog for news articles/games for as long as it takes with the only blogging done on this subject.
On Saturday I contacted Cory Witt from the Islanders and asked if there was something that could be done to get the message out for Mr McDonald's daughter, he replied and said they already were working on something.
Mr McDonald's daughter is reaching out to the media, I will try to reach out to the hockey media community.

I'm also asking for everyone who can get involved to do so, even if it's just to send a quick e-mail or spread the word.

From this end we can put up a bunch of links to get the NHL, Islanders and the sporting world to pick up on the story and get out the message we want these people home safely as soon as possible.

I am including the following links and addresses, if you can think of any others let me know and I will add them to this blog entry.

I did contact the NHL today and they told me to contact them through their website here.

I am also listing the telephone number I called:
NHL Headquarters Location
1251 Avenue of the Americas, 47th Fl.
New York, NY 10020
Phone: 212-789-2000
Canadian Embassy Thailand: Contact information.

Embassy of Canada in Thailand
Address, phone, fax, email
15th Floor, Abdulrahim Place
990 Rama IV Road
Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Telephone: +66 (0) 2636-0540
Fax: +66 (0) 2636-0566
TTY : (613) 944-9136 (Ottawa)

Canadian Government: I also included a link to the Canadian Government with the various agencies.
TV News-12 Long Island: Contact Information by e-mail or telephone.
New York Islanders: Contact Information.

Islanders Corporate Offices
1535 Old Country Rd
Plainview, NY 11803
Phone: (516) 501-6700
Fax: (516) 501-6762
********************************************************* Which is linked which has provided several new updates also have several folks who can be contacted. Main contact page which has had the majority of the early stories. Also has a lot of hockey media that can help get out the message.
I also sent an e-mail to Kevin Allen of the Professional Hockey Writers Association of America to see if we can get the hockey writers involved along with Phil Mushnick of the Post.

Updated 11:30am Est: Has more on the situation with the latest headline Canadians Tourist in Thailand call for help.

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