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Newsday: Greg Logan's game recap had head coach Scott Gordon on the two goals the Islanders scored that did not count, Bergenheim on how he could have made it tougher on Rick Nash to get the puck off his stick on the breakaway and goaltender Joey MacDonald on how they played better but losing battles on the third goal where two Blue Jackets out battle five Islanders are the ones killing them.

Newsday: Mr Logan has more from the pregame blog on Mike Sillinger's groin injury where he says it could be in correlation to his hip and will have to see. Jon Sim talks about getting back in the lineup while head coach Scott Gordon is quoted about the last two days and what was done to prepare the club on and off the ice.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

All the comments from the head coach were before the game in the second article.

Newsday: Greg Logan and Arthur Staple present a gameplan to fix the Islanders which starts with the Lighthouse, adding a defensive assistant coach as teams study video and adjust to the overspeed system which is the identity, drafting to fit the system, getting value at the trade deadline and a three year timetable for management for Mr Logan's content.

Mr Staple plays the shockjock game immediately declaring this season cannot be fixed, that Mr Wang should pipe down as Neil Smith was again brought up, Rick DiPietro should shut up and not play until next fall and learn what idle means so he has a chance at being healthy. Also included is for management to dump the veterans and get the kids in any way possible.

Finally the Islanders must change league Newsday staff created perception about the team including it's change-on-a-whim owner and a lack of commitment to consistency.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Nothing like those former Ranger beatwriters getting together and putting a good constructive beating on the Islanders with Mr Staple clearing doing the guesswork and Mr Logan doing a good job aside from the part about Mr Wang selling to someone who can move the club.

Mark Herrmann will be back soon enough for anyone who dare purchase a ticket to drive them away for that part, we need not read it again.

Mr Logan will have some more Msg memories for those Ranger profile shows on Msg.

Mr Staple lost his hockey fastball in terms of present day journalism.

Recently Mr Staple had Clark Gillies fourth on a list of NY hockey enforcers with Gary Howatt ahead of him?

Now for those who believe whatever Newsday writes some fair points were made here but having written that............

Charles Wang since 2006 has given Newsday one interview at the end of last season (where he put his foot in his mouth about Ted Nolan) and was not even quoted at Scott Gordon's press conference.

While Mr Baumbach demands he speak up, Mr Staple demands he shut up?

Funny they never pull this on Mr Dolan. Mr Wang also did the WFAN interview last season.

Next up....

Since when did Newsday become the medical staff aside from the unprofessional rants by Mr Logan since the summer and the sports department until the Islanders finally dumped the new NHL approved policy like they were bullied out of it?

No other paper in North American went after a club who followed league policy like Newsday did with our team.

If the doctors say Rick DiPietro can return to play why should he shut down anything?

I did not see these plans from Mr Staple when he had the Ranger beat during their long losing years. Newsday largely creates Islander league-wide perception, some fair and a lot not fair.

Most of the other outlets work off the late nineties plan, in short they no longer follow the club.

If Newsday had been paying attention the Islanders have stuck to their plan aside from going for it one time in 2006 in a weak draft class. No one can be expected to win when you lose four hundred man games to injury one year and pick up that same pace the following season.

That has to be included here at the top if a state of the franchise/plan to fix the club feature is written and a plan is presented. I did not see a call for Witt, Martinek, Sillinger or Comrie to shut it down for the season.

Some very obvious things in Mr Logan/Zipay comments that did make sense on dumping veterans and playing prospects.

Mr Logan & Mr Zipay edited the article and put their names to the part they contributed since my earlier comments. It was easy enough to figure out beforehand who wrote what.

Columbus Dispatch : Covers the Blue Jackets on their 3-1 win against New York on Saturday.

Windsor Star: Jim Parker Saturday had Windsor gm Warren Rychel's comments on Josh Bailey that they have not talked since Bailey told them he would be with the Islanders but the window to send Bailey back to the Spitfires must be before Jan. 10.

If Bailey plays more than 40 games this season with the Islanders, he's a year closer to unrestricted free agency. If Bailey is returned to Windsor before playing 40 NHL games, the Islanders would lose one year on his entry-level contract, however
Bailey would not be a year closer to unrestricted free agency. Jared Spurgeon had an assist in Saturday's Red-White scrimmage for team Canada. Recaps Bridgeport's 6-4 shootout win against the Norfolk Admirals on Saturday.

1. BRI Lee, (1) (Iggulden, Hillen), 0:30
1. BRI Hennigar, (3) (Hillen, Iggulden), 8:16
1. NOR Ward, (1) (Downie, Lundin), 10:31
1. BRI Tambellini, (1) (Walter), 14:21
1. NOR Lawrence, (1) (Downie, Rosehill), 18:30
2. BRI Smith, (12) (Colliton, Iggulden), 14:07
2. NOR Keller, (2) (Downie), 16:34
2. NOR Keller, (3) (Downie, Mihalik), 17:13
3. BRI Smith, (13) (Colliton, Skinner), 16:47
3. BRI Smith, (14) (Iggulden, Hillen), 19:59 (EN)

Peter Mannino twenty one saves. Colliton/Smith +3.

Ct Post: Mr Fornabaio's newspaper coverage had head coach Jack Capuano on Bridgeport's win on Saturday in Norfolk who credited the Admirals and his own club for getting in front of their big goaltender.

Jack Hillen had three helpers.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had a live blog from Norfolk which includes Bridgeport blowing it's thirteenth two goal lead in twenty four games.

Virginian-Pilot: Paul White has the Admirals coverage.

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