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Point Blank: Mr Botta had a lot more from Brendan Witt where he did not back off from his comments to Newsday's Greg Logan but elaborates a lot more on his answers and makes it clear he does not wish to be traded and signed here because he wants to be a part of this club and loves being here. The defensive system is something he has talked with head coach Scott Gordon a lot behind the scenes.

Mr Botta for his part includes Witt was not happy playing for Ted Nolan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

No summary from me will tell the entire story, Mr Botta's blog says it best. Witt seems like someone who simply wants the club to play better defense, this is not some kind of thing where Witt wants out which the defender makes clear.

Question is if the coach feels this is the way the defense must be played can Witt adjust?

Newsday Islander Insider: Mr Logan for his part had little that was not in the earlier article beyond Witt's knee being fine and not effecting his play while the beatwriter looks at the numbers and suggests if things continue the coach may have to reassess what he is doing playing a way that no one else in the NHL is playing.

Richard Park for his part talks about how despite how challenged the team is in the standings right now there is still time to turn in around as he talks about what he has tried to do to help.

Scott Gordon for his part talks about what Chris Campoli should be doing more of to generate offense in this system at length.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
How come the part about Witt does not want a trade and loves being here did not make it into Mr Logan's update this morning?

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