New Poll: First time callup, you decide

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/07/2008 06:55:00 PM | |
Last weeks poll is in the books with Jeremy Colliton voted the most impressive game in/game out prospect.

This week expands on this a little bit, goes in another direction and asks what first time callup in 08-09 would you like to see with the Islanders?

Note the words first-time callup in 08-09.

That puts past Islander callup Ben Walter along with Mike Iggulden who was recalled for a game with San Jose last season (against the Islanders) in the mix, but not Tambellini, Colliton, Skinner or Hillen.

Blake Comeau a day ago would have been too easy a choice.

For the purposes of this I'm also factoring in a little Bridgeport production or lack of it in some cases which means Rob Hennigar/long time prospect Jason Pitton are not on the list. I kept Chris Lee who was in camp to the last day off the list also but anyone wants to e-mail in a vote will be included.

This is not limited to one vote, if you want to see more than one callup you can vote that way too.

It should be noted along these lines on Monday AHL All-Star voting begins.

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