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New York Islander Fan Central | 12/17/2008 11:27:00 AM |
* I understand Doug Weight's frustration with losing but he's sadly mistake if he thinks the players are the only ones who want the club to win. Having written that
it's up to the him and the guys in the room to run off a big winning streak or face the hard reality that this is not going to be a playoff team.

The fans do not like the standings or the losses either but we know the trends and how much winning has to be done to earn a playoff spot, right now that is off the radar until the players win enough to change our minds.

My math says the Islanders need to play about nineteen games over five hundred starting Friday if they want to be a playoff team.

So far the 08-09 Islanders have given us one collective sign they are capable of any sustained winning with that five out of six streak. Aside from that it's been critical blown leads, a club that responds to rest with rust, too many injuries and for now a group with depth players in roles where they have to score with not much chemistry on the backline and a goaltender who's played has leveled off.

Don't count on many games where Sutton's shots or Weight's shots are deflected in or Richard Park to put up a three point game.

I only wish we could count on it.
* I almost feel guilty I did not write more about Mark Streit's game last night because whenever he gets the puck you expect him to make a solid play on defense or when he joins the rush something that will lead to a quality chance. The minutes and solid play he has given the team cannot be praised enough.

Streit absolutely should be the Islanders representative in Montreal unless Bob Gainey and the Canadians have some control over who is selected as the reserves.
* I do not know what is worse, Tsn not having a hockey rss feed for it's readers or actually employing Shane Milloy formerly from HF to do prospect articles. It's the equivalent of John Spano working for Forbes.

I think I read some of my old comments on prospects from earlier in the decade re-written.

Of course given Forbes astute reports on NHL revenue and finances guess work with no access to any clubs books or real information from the NHL Spano could not do much worse.

Tsn should get someone like Kyle Woodlief in and give Shane Milloy the boot.
* Funny no one is talking about the age of Msg when it comes to Mats Sundin or why he wants to play in a building that is a dump?

When was the last time a Ranger free agent did not get a huge frontloaded contract?

It's funny when you get past all the I love Msg infomercials how much up front cash it takes for players to actually sign there.

Should be interesting if Garth Snow claims a Prucha if he goes on waivers.
* I may be the only one but I do not subscribe to kicking anyone when they are down and disappointed Mr Botta gave his blog readers a new story about Sean Avery from last year when he should have taken the high road and credited a man with a problem taking steps to help himself and wished him luck.

A year ago that's what Mr Botta wanted for Chris Simon? Avery may be many things we do not like as hockey fans but when a person admits there is a problem it should be treated as such.

A lot of coaches, players gave horror stories and threw Avery under the bus, I think Mr Botta as someone who is in a better league than to do something like that.
SI: Michael Farber feels the loss of Mark Streit by the Canadians has hurt Alexei Kovalev and the powerplay.

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