Rangers 5, New York 4

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/29/2008 10:14:00 PM |
Sports Network: Recaps the Islanders 5-4 loss to the Rangers on Monday along with the Associated Press.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
That's another two points given away to another club that simply is not a high scoring team.

Given Brendan Witt & Scott Gordon's comments this morning neither are going to be pleased with that third period and some of the defensive lapses which began with a very unfortunate bad break on Hunter who fed Sillinger to open the scoring but got checked with the door open and stayed down a long time.

Classy cheers from fans of both teams when Hunter got up and skated off on his own, seemed ok but who knows?

Nine seconds later the game is tied as two Rangers got to a puck with Witt caught between both.

Prucha's goal was a gift rebound and the goal by Rozsival has to be stopped by Joey MacDonald who played very well over two periods but for a fragile Islander team he cannot give up the goal he did there. Naslund's goal was more his momentum as it hit his chest and went to the top corner over MacDonald.

I know folks do not like to keep reading this but Radek Martinek's loss is huge for this defense along with Andy Sutton. Mark Streit is just a world class talent and for all everyone is giving the breakdowns/poor goals keep adding up. Meyer and Witt gave all they had, Gervais lost his man on a goal but did not have a terrible game.

Give the Rangers their due, they controlled a good part of the second period and kept the puck scoring on a delayed penalty, Islanders in the second kept going to the box but despite all that were in position to win.

Having written that.

A lot of good signs by the Islanders who again lost a game scoring four goals and put up a good effort and were in position to win or at least earn points entering the third. Okposo, Comeau are only getting better and it finally seems like they are both where they were at the end of last season. Comrie is starting to get his game back now that he has played for a week and hat his Gordie Howe hat-trick. (goal, assist, fight)

Was Dawes fighting with his shield on? Comrie at the end landed some bombs.

I think Comeau led the forwards in minutes played.

Mike Sillinger is getting his game going also.

Okposo and Weight both saw some powerplay time on the point.

I understand Bergenheim sitting out given his penalties but Fritz if he cannot win his fights by appointment will not giving the Islanders anything for his minute plus. It seemed Bailey could have used a scoring wing tonight next to him and that is not Tim Jackman or Jon Sim.

To me the Rangers are just another game these days win or lose, there is no rivalry when you are 30th and the playoffs are off the radar and even a win is not memorable when all is said and done.

Not a lot of energy in the stands beyond the goals/fights for either side.

Somehow the Islanders website reported Henrik Lundqvist made thirty three saves when in fact he made twenty.

We'll see what they can do against Florida who has had their number for a good year plus now.

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