Scott Rechler's recent comments on LightHouse

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A lot of folks have been waiting for Charles Wang to say something about the Lighthouse or Newsday called for him to comment, we have read a lot from Gary Bettman and now have Kate Murray's recent interview.

What a lot of folks (myself included) tend to forget is without Rexcorp and Mr Wang's business partner Scott Rechler there is no Lighthouse Project.

Mr Rechler had a lot to say about the economy on Long Island this week and wrote a full article in Newsday where he does mention the two billion dollar Lighthouse project and made his case why this is the right time to invest money here in a project like this.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not an Islander-Nassau Coliseum-Lighthouse centric article but he does make a lot of very good points on the economy.

Forgetting the Islanders for a moment where does Nassau County/Town of Hempstead have anyone willing to finance this kind of project in a recession where it will create jobs and revenue to say nothing about saving Nassau from spending hundreds of millions to keep the Nassau Coliseum a viable alternative to operate?

Smg is not going to pay to renovate Nassau County's building, Charles Wang owns the hockey team, not Nassau Coliseum as generous (sarcasm) as it is for Kate Murray to allow him to renovate it as a stand alone project now while reportedly offering nothing to make that economically feasible for anyone.

Another little reality check here is Rexcorp and the Marriott Hotel will still be there with Mr Rechler & Mr Wang owning the hotel here if this project is turned down. I would not expect either to give approval to another developer or project on their doorstep.

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