Thoughts on Garth Snow

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/22/2008 10:26:00 AM | |
General Manager Garth Snow spoke just before the losing streak began in Newsday a few weeks ago with his club a game under five hundred and looking to make a run at playoff position.

He spoke again Sunday night with Mr Botta, all realistic playoff hopes over with nine players injured.

He gave Scott Gordon blanket support and spoke very eloquently about his long-term vision for this franchise as he did earlier in the summer with Gordon a big part of the franchise moving forward, it was very impressive.

I want to believe everything Snow said just as I did when he sat on that stage last April and told us he had no problems working with Ted Nolan and told Newsday April 12th he saw no reason why Ted Nolan would not be back and that they communicated almost every day.

Having written all this I have to point out it's fair to speculate if Garth Snow went to his boss and requested the coach he just hired be replaced after Ted Nolan is being paid to stay home he could have been told you go before Scott Gordon.

It's more than fair to speculate regardless if that happened Snow and Gordon's tenure will be tied together from here.

What can be said for sure is the pressure is now off Scott Gordon and directly on the current players to work his system better (whether he adjusts his system or not) or calls up other players who can.

Overall I liked what the gm had to say and agreed with it. He felt Brendan Witt should have kept his comments in house but nothing else can be done there.

Having written all this trust for me now must be earned from the general manager, not by words but be actions.

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