We have no idea about Rick DiPietro

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/30/2008 01:17:00 PM |
I submit unless we are in the room with DiPietro and the doctors we have no idea if anyone is doing anything right or wrong with regard to his health.

Same goes for what kind of person he is on and off the ice. Michael Peca once said if you are not in the room you have no idea about anything.

Peca got it right. Anyone telling you otherwise is going above and beyond to stir the pot for their own agenda and little more.

You read this stuff from the media with nothing to support it from the club and it seems designed to rile up the fanbase against the player.

Gordon should have done this, Snow should have done that. DiPietro is this or that.

Nonsense, enough hysteria or going for page views with shock jock material.

We read speculation he could go to Bridgeport but he could have been injured there just as easily.

He played against Toronto he was too sore or injured to play against the Rangers.

He could be ready for the next game or the one after or out for the long-term.

Was he handled properly? All hindsight which is very easy to do after the fact by a bunch of fans or writers who are not doctors. He could have sat the rest of the season and had this happen training off-ice in August.

Nate Thompson has had this happen a lot too, Bailey, also.

I would rather DiPietro or anyone sit than risk a serious injury if there is any doubt at all.

The rest of this is a lot of frustration over injuries which no one can control during a very tough season and some obvious media and fan bias against him that has been there since his draft day that would not go away even if he led the team to a cup because of his contract.

Bottom line, we have no idea about Rick DiPietro.

And unless you are an Islander team doctor or Rick DiPietro, neither do you.

Enough hysteria, hockey please.

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