What's the Story with the Islander Injuries?

New York Islander Fan Central | 12/03/2008 12:35:00 PM |
I'm not one to blog on injuries of players or who is doing or not doing the correct thing, I have no idea and could not even speculate besides writing where the articles say someone went for surgery and what the reported time frame is if a team elects to tell the media.

Only thing I do know is I have seen too many players get re-injured while others seem to come back too soon given the amount of time they were supposed to miss.

When I see Tim Jackman sent down and recalled within a day, it begs the question what is going on here?

Miroslav Satan last year played the second half with an injury that supposedly was to keep him on the sidelines eight weeks but was allowed to keep playing? Guerin, Comrie, DiPietro and Witt all reportedly played hurt which is not uncommon, most players are banged up at the end of an NHL season.

Did the team doctors tell Mike Comrie six-eight months and then clear him to participate in camp or did he simply decide he was good enough to play and convinced the doctors to clear him?

Now we read Martinek and Thompson who just returned from injuries are day to day again after recently returning. (which could be something else)

Toronto Sun: Had a few words recently from Freddy Meyer on the two renowned doctors who did both his hernia surgeries.

Rick DiPietro now says he has to convince the doctors his latest knee injury (which does not seem to be related to what was done in the summer) he is a hundred percent.

I also wonder how many more knee injuries Brendan Witt can take and if what happened earlier is related to what happened last season?

Even though Josh Bailey returned why did he get hurt a second time?

Last year this team came down with the flu in January and it was a big reason they dropped seven straight, I know this runs through a lot of NHL teams during the season with all the travel. Bergenheim according to the telecast last week said he has been sick for a while and missed some games but was still sick?

We now find out if Mike Sillinger can play at a high level with an injury where he says he is healthy as he can be given what has happened.

Not a cry to get rid of doctors or change anything but just a few questions.

Newsday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog reported Martinek took a hit to the shoulder from Andy Sutton and is off to the doctor with what the writer described as his arm hanging. The other injuries are updated with no comment on who would replace Martinek beyond speculation on Pock who is still here and Gervais still apparently sidelined.

Islanders badly need Martinek against Ovechkin.

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