Cablevision-Newsday era begins/NHL Notables

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Something a few days old but very much related to the New York Islanders and that's the paper creating their perception and what motivates them.

Newsday: James Madore reports the circus at Cablevision owned Newsday has officially ended for now with a dispute between editor John Mancini/several editors and owner Cablevision Systems Corp over rumors about coverage of the lawsuit against Eddy Curry of the Knicks; Mancini declined to comment when asked whether Knick coverage sparked the dispute but did confirm threats of firing or quitting were involved after he returned to work with others who were absent for days.

NY Times & NY Post: Earlier has the articles without the spin from Newsday that tells a more complete story.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This can officially be bookmarked as the day Cablevision took full control of sports reporting at Newsday even though the sale closed last summer.

This is the same newspaper demanding transparency of the Islanders regarding it's Lighthouse Project, team and management contracts, injuries and creates virtually all perception of our franchise but when it involved the Knicks there is a problem for the papers ownership?

Where is Mr Baumbach, Rieber, Herrmann, Jeansonne, Staple, Zipay or Logan to jump all over Charles and James Dolan or to question this papers viability like they do with Charles Wang, Chris Dey or Garth Snow at every opportunity?

Funny how Neil Best did not touch this with a ten foot pole when he interviewed Msg President Michael Bair about Islander coverage.

Act as if does not apply when it comes to the owners of this paper apparently and that makes what they present about our team questionable.

More and more I am going to suggest to NYIFC readers look past the writer viewpoint and just go by what's quoted from players/team officials when I see something questionable about our team. sources: Report the NHLPA has elected not to re-open collective bargaining agreement meaning the current CBA will run for the next two seasons. Also reports Ottawa goaltender Martin Gerber cleared re-entry waivers for anyone wondering if Garth Snow might put in a claim for more depth.

Daily News: Eliot Olshansky has another excellent prospect review on David Toews and Blake Kessel that notes Shea Guthrie was this week's ECAC Hockey Player of the Week, scoring two goals in a win at Yale, then assisted on two more, including the game-winner against Brown University the following night.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Simply put another excellent article by Mr Olshansky that is given more space than the local game reports. The coverage varies from Islanders to Devils to Rangers but the quality and depth pf information is excellent.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio sets up Bridgeport's game tonight in Portland and reports Blake Comeau sent to the AHL
looks like a said paper transaction.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I would be fascinated to read the explanation from the Islanders if Andy Hilbert being taken off injured reserve meant a Comeau demotion for real.

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