Edmonton 3, New York 2

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/05/2009 11:13:00 PM |
Edmonton Sun: Robert Tychkowski was providing in game updates with comments on Edmonton's 3-2 win against New York between periods.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not for anything it sure seems the breaks and calls for the 08-09 Islanders is about as one-sided as the outside perspective at times which has little time or space for man games lost to injury or what happens in the game.

Four powerplays in three games?

I have not done many post-games here on officiating, this will be one of them.

Only the Islanders know what the story is with DiPietro who is in training camp mode? Either he is hurting or they or going slow working him in. Given the standings and MacDonald playing well it does not really matter.

Someone want to explain how Sean Bergenheim being hooked in the second is not a penalty or a penalty shot?

Apparently I do not know the rules but since when does a distinct kicking motion mean the skate must face forward on the 2-2 goal. The skate kicked out, whether it knocks the puck down or goes in that is a kicking motion.

Marginal stuff but things like this takes a fragile club, backs them in and gets the other team in the game. Islanders did virtually nothing the second half of the game and only had four harmless shots in the third aside from Jackman's chance or Okposo's post.

Islanders started great with an excellent shot by Okposo off a turnover to open the scoring and Bailey making a great pass to Comeau for the 2-0 pp goal. The play was sloppy at times but even.

Edmonton seemed a pass or play short until the puck started deflecting in off the fourth line players, this happened to Brendan Witt. Pock did not have Strudwick on the 2-2 goal and you can see the Islanders backing up more after a good effort where they did not give up a lot and did make some good plays to block shots.

Billy Jaffe and Jiggs McDonald had it right, the fourth line creates two goals it's likely a matter of how long before the top lines for Edmonton gives them something.

Momentum all with Edmonton after that.

Third period Islanders had Okposo's post over ten minutes in and that was about it.

Jackman gets a goaltender's interference call where he is clearly hooked but barely touches the Oiler goaltender, meanwhile MacDonald is run heavily by two players and no call against?

Oilers finally get the 3-2 goal where Campoli seemed to think the puck was in the corner and was outnumbered.

Islanders absorbed too many hits, Witt was bounced around a few too many times.

Of course a late cross-checking penalty where Trevor Smith was hit and no call, Islanders do nothing with the goaltender pulled and another loss.

A lot of times the Islanders lose games because of how they play, tonight the officiating had a lot to do with the final result and they deserved better.

Too many turnovers by the Islanders but they played well for the most part with a lot of line changes.

Doug Weight did an excellent job in the broadcast booth. A little fire from Scott Gordon after the game, he has his teams back but gave them a little too much credit for not generating much in the second half of this game.

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