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New York Islander Fan Central | 1/06/2009 10:40:00 AM | | | Reports AHL-All-Stars will be announced Tuesday and Wednesday at 2pm for each club.


Complete list of Canadian all-stars in above link listed.

Islanders website: Andrew MacDonald & Mike Iggulden were named to the AHL All-Star team Tuesday. Announced the reserves for the NHL all-star game will be made Wednesday for the Western Conference and Thursday for the Eastern Conference.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm considering doing a Newsday for both all-star games and taking a break. It will be interesting if Cablevision owned Newsday sends a writer to Montreal after DiPietro was left high and dry in Atlanta last year by the sports editor.

Islanders website: Jason Lockhart wrapped up the WJC with the final stats and summary for David Ullstrom, Jyri Niemi, Kirill Petrov and Blake Kessel.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I was going to put the WJC links in the prospects blog but decided against it, we already have prospect updates there from the Islanders. I will keep the section up for reference until Thursday morning for everyone on the sidebar.

Point Blank: Mr Botta questioned the communication process today based upon Mr Logan's blog entry on DiPietro and Joey MacDonald's comments about when they were informed about starting/not starting.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Not to hit this very hard but there was obvious friction between Mr Logan and Mr Botta over lack of communication also a while back and this is just writing/blogging about hockey.

Mr Botta had more comments from Brendan Witt than what first appeared in Newsday where he spoke out about the defense and Scott Gordon's system. Witt then made it clear he does not want to be traded to Mr Botta. It forced Mr Logan to go back and put it in the Islanders Newsday blog.

I have seen a lot of articles over the years where the quotes are edited down and by the time an article is written it comes off different than what's intended. One paper has more, the other less.

It's not as easy with one newspaper covering the club, every quote in full will not make the paper but it does influence perception fair or not.

The communication process is a fine line with one goaltender working back from injury and the other not as sure of his starting status. I submit unless we are in the room when this happens we do not know what the communication is or if it's good or poor.

Is it really any worse than Steve Valiquette getting the call for a start on Saturday during the day when the other goalie was not able to go?

If there is a problem beyond what other clubs do Mr Botta should have told everyone who he thinks is wrong because he did not blame DiPietro or MacDonald, I guess that leaves the coaching staff or the trainers who he has defended?

He just kind of let it just sit there after stirring up perception something is not being handled properly.

I'm not sure it was necessary in this instance or he should have simply told his readers who he thinks made a mistake.

Blog Notables:
I eliminated the NY Times Islander feeder from the sidebar because it pulls out old game summaries too often. Islander website was also pulled because too much repeat content which the other feed already provides. I guess we will miss that Dave Caldwell feature ripping the club the next time but it's not worth getting three week old game updates from their feed.

I'm going to take time off on the polls or until I think up a fresh topic.

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