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Newsday: Mark Herrmann in the Islanders Newsday blog had two entries.

The first on Scott Gordon wanting to see more from Chris Campoli because he has that potential. Doug Weight and Trent Hunter off the injured list, Sean Bergenheim went on it.

The other about Mike Comrie being shifted in practice to a line with Bill Guerin and Doug Weight where it appears if that is the case (during games) Comrie could be returning to left wing where he opened the season and discusses his role. Frans Nielsen centered the line Comeau and Okposo played on.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

How many entries have I written something has to give at a few positions? Weight, Nielsen, Bailey and Park/Thompson are the centers. Comrie could be hurting or it could be going all in with one veteran line.

I think Chris Campoli needs more powerplay time on the point, not Kyle Okposo, it's up to Scott Gordon to get more out of Campoli and his players.

Point Blank: Mr Botta looks at the veteran-youth mix with the practice lines and reports Joey MacDonald did not return to practice meaning Peter Mannino or Nate Lawson should be getting another callup for the Atlanta game.

Newsday: Mr Herrmann corrected himself/credited Mr Botta's entry now writing Bailey was with Okposo-Comeau while Nielsen was part of the pp scrimmage with them.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is why the Islanders need that practice report on video with Chris King and Steve Mears that was so very reliable and accurate. They went through the lines by players wearing colors and set up next game/practice very well for everyone.

No knock on Mr Herrmann here, but that was a better format.
I was going to include this with the news articles but held off for a proper spot.

Media Blog: Cory Witt does a very good job correcting a mistake about a Tsn report regarding Dallas Stars forward Fabian Fabian Brunnstrom being sent to the AHL and gives us a reminder to not take everything you read in the media as 100 percent fact.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

The reads very well and Mr Witt is correct but unfortunately the when it comes to the Islanders and the same level of reporting the media relations department we rarely see any response to similar mistakes made by the local/national media which influences New York Islander perception.

Mr Botta's blog is independent of the club and his view point does not speak for the Islanders any longer nor should he be a substitute to get out the message for the media department. That means Mr Witt and the Islanders website should be doing a lot more entries like the one just written defending their own team under similar circumstances.

When Mike Francesa goes on WFAN and throws out misinformation about our club for close to an hour. I expect someone employed by the New York Islanders to be available to correct it.

Mr Botta is not obligated to do this for them.

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