Islanders 411, No man games lost to injury?

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/07/2009 11:05:00 AM |
I find it kind of interesting the Islanders opened a special site with a pdf file for all things statistical regarding the team however the biggest stat of this season is the same one the club did not let the public know about last year and is not talking about nearly enough this year.

Man games lost to injury.

The Islanders led the league with over four hundred last year and are about a hundred above that pace this year.

This is the biggest reason why at the half way point of this season the club is 30th overall as we are in what is an extended exhibition schedule for the next forty one games.

No one talks about it in the media because the Islanders do not bring it up nearly enough themselves, the media in other cities does not even realize how banged up this club has been until the club visits and then write about a club that was competitive but just too banged up.

The Flyers Tuesday released the man games lost to injury, other teams do also and it's no violation of league policy or however they want to disclose information here.

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