KC: Much to do about nothing

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/15/2009 11:58:00 AM |
Tsn.ca: Darren Dreger reports the Islanders have agreed in principle with the Los Angeles Kings to play an exhibition game in Kansas City in September with plenty of speculation according to league sources this game could be perceived as a veiled threat of potential relocation if plans for a new arena on Long Island aren't soon finalized.

Mr Dreger makes clear at least twice the Islanders do not plan to move in the near future.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

This is much to do about nothing, the Islanders play preseason games in Moncton, Summerside and even let the Sound Tigers in a modern facility play regular season home games there this year.

Last year the Islanders traveled from Boston to Florida for a game where they have never went in pre-season, they have played preseason games in a lot of AHL facilities.

Kansas City had hosted some NHL pre-season games.

If Charles Wang or his partner Scott Rechler wanted to issue a real threat there are dozens of different ways to go about it, a preseason game would not be one of them.

The Town of Hempstead is not interested in hockey regarding this project. As I have written several times hockey or no hockey Mr Wang-Rechler own the Marriot hotel, Reckson plaza is across the street.

The Islanders (like all teams for a short-time) had neutral site games in the past.

This is more a sign they may not be returning to Moncton this fall for camp if anything but let the hysteria begin for those who need to stir things up to keep warm today.


Newsday: Never got a story out faster on reporting Mr Dreger's article.

Newsday: Jim Baumbach (who interviewed Kate Murray)plays the shockjock game bigtime and absolutely calls this a warning from Charles Wang even though Mr Wang is not quoted.

One thing Mr Baumbach did write one thing that rings true, the Islanders are disrespected but he forgot to blame Newsday which is where a big part of where the problem has been.

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