Mr Botta's Heimlich Maneuver Saves Mike Francesa

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Was listening to WFAN around 3pm and there is Mike Francesa with a copy of Newsday as one man sat on live television/radio and thew about as much guess work and misinformation about a professional sports team than I have seen in a long time.

The man not only put his foot in his mouth but went for the entire shoe store.

On and on about how the Lighthouse is dead and will never be approved in this economic climate, Nassau will never give them all that the money without knowing virtually anything about the project as he sat there and did nothing short of an obituary with the team gone to KC for good.

He never once mentioned Scott Rechler or that that Msg is a dump and even older.

His sources had Charles Wang losing 50m a year owning the club as he quickly waved away any caller who did not agree with him as he put out anything that could stick against the wall including Jonathan Tavares not wanting to play here.

(No I did not attempt a call)

Mr Francesa tried to get Gary Bettman, he tried to get someone from the Islanders.

Finally the man who was shut out last week from information came on and did a good job explaining what was happening with the project and what he felt yesterday's news meant.

Mike Francesa sounded like a man who had no idea about anything when Mr Botta recapped what he knew from his past inside experience including what he told everyone when he contacted some folks around Jonathan Tavares, he did a 180 on virtually everything he was saying afterward.

Charles Wang and the Islanders along with the Lighthouse people owe Mr Botta a big thank you today.

I would guess at some point WFAN will post the interview or Mr Botta will have something on it.

Entertaining watching a man given verbal Heimlich maneuver on live television.

Updated: Mr Botta's interview.

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