Phoenix 5, New York 4: Weight 1000th, Bailey 1st

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Congratulations to Doug Weight on career point # 1000 & Josh Bailey on his first National Hockey League goal.

Islanders website: Added a classy tribute to Doug Weight on the header and has his postgame comments.

Associated Press: Has the recap of New York's 5-4 loss to the Coyotes with here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Winnable game where the Islanders in the opening minute generated some good chances, then just as quickly gave up the opening goal on a Meyer-Witt mistake where a checking forward made a good move on Meyer to the inside at the two minute mark.

Phoenix took the play at them after that for a few more minutes but then the Islanders starting making some great reads in the offensive zone and controlled play for a good part of the first.

It seemed the way they were working they they would be in good shape for the night based on those few minutes or at least in a one goal game. Comeau, Okposo, Comrie generated chances, Tambellini two very good plays for setups & Bergenheim scored to tie the game at one on a very good shot. Gervais took a puck at the Coyote net on a nice rush.

Billy Jaffe said Trevor Smith has a habit of getting to where the puck is, I agree and what little time he got he was around the puck in the offensive zone and visible, he drew a penalty by fighting through a check.

Islanders got that powerplay, Campoli penalty, delayed penalty Coyotes take the lead back on a shot that was a bomb to end the first.

Second period Islanders came out and were simply outworked, outskated and outhit which set up the rest of the hockey game.

When the Islanders generated chances they stayed to the outside or did not shoot like Comeau having an angle to rush the net and instead skated behind it. Jackman seemed to be on for a lot of shifts and screened DiPietro on a shot he has to stop from a bad angle, earlier DiPietro robbed Jokinen who was a little sloppy but has to be expected at this point.

What they did for a good part of the first they left in the lockeroom until too deep into the third period. I'm not taking goals but generating quality chances.

Mikael Tellqvist when tested made a few good saves too in the first and the third.

Third period Islanders for too long did not generate enough. Jokinen was left alone on a rebound for the 4-1 goal. Guerin made a nice dump in for Tambellini to cycle and Guerin found Bailey in the slot to finish the 4-2 goal, after that both teams hit posts before Meyer and Streit lost to a bouncing puck and Phoenix did get the 5-2 goal.

High marks to Park for his shot on the 5-3 goal on Weight's assist (DiPietro got an assist) and the open net he finished with the goaltender pulled after that. First multi-goal game for Park since the day the Islanders qualified for the 2008 playoffs against the Devils. (three point night)

Too sloppy for two many stretches and it was the difference, Phoenix has goal scorers like Doan & Jokinen, Islanders do not.

Cannot recall this Islander team looking better late in games down goals than they have in the last week or so. They almost got the tying goal, a few more seconds and it seemed they would have.

Not tonight.

Classy stuff from Coyotes fans for Doug Weight, well deserved.

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