Poll Update: Rick DiPietro

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/17/2009 11:58:00 AM |
This weeks poll began before the idea of a Dubielewicz signing (or a MacDonald injury) hit the radar at a point the Islanders returned from the Western Conference trip where Rick DiPietto dressed but did not play and then stopped dressing missing a game in Calgary many thought he would start.

Yann Danis had to be recalled during the trip.

So our poll asked what should be done regarding his health? I voted for what the doctors say with regard to his health, I do not buy into the concept of not playing him simply because some are tired of taking about the issue, one vote recognized he could have the same issues in the summer, a few he should return when he is ready.

With a little over a day remaining the results were mixed but generally agreed the club must do what the doctors think is best or the status quo option:

Whatever the doctors say with regard to his health
17 (40%)

Shut him down for his own well being
10 (23%)

Shut him down for a better shot at a top pick or because I'm tired of reading about it.
11 (26%)

Play him as soon as he is ready
2 (4%)

Shut him down knowing he could have same problems in the summer again
1 (2%)

Status quo-Keep doing what they have been
7 (16%)

Thanks again for the solid voting turnout.

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