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New York Islander Fan Central | 1/16/2009 11:42:00 AM |
* Michael Picker, said he anticipates that state-required environmental studies of the project will be completed in the next 30 to 60 days.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Despite my blog entry and efforts see how easy it was for the folks from the Lighthouse to give us a time frame about something.

They should have been doing this all along with a detailed list of the survey's done with a complete list of all agencies involved.

No, you do not post updates to stir reaction but to keep folks respectfully informed of the progress and what's happening.

It should be noted Paul Lancey & Mr Picker have been listed in past Islander press releases as being part of the club in different capacities.
Hockey should never suffer for Lighthouse updates in the Newspapers. No excuse for these editors not to provide additional coverage for our fans or force the beatwriter to make one article fit all.

The Islanders can lose every game the rest of the year 15-0, we are entitled to player and coaches comments in every single publication.

ITV had most of the player comments last night.
For my money I bet anything if the Giants won or the Jets hired a coach the hysteria the Newsday staff created would not have been this bad from a paper with not a lot to write about in terms of sports at this time.

I have read enough things about Charles Wang the past decade that if he wanted to created headlines he absolutely could have.

What happened at best yesterday was the equivalent of throwing a snowball at Nassau County and not one packed with ice.

At the end of the day he and Mr Rechler (who no one talks about) own the Marriot and a big part of whatever happens on the site, Islanders/Lighthouse regardless in the future.

Someone else may own the hockey team ten years from now with Mr Wang/Mr Rechler as the landlord.
I have my own solution to no Lighthouse to make up for the Smg lease that I do not like but would help the Islanders finances.

Sell naming rights to the Coliseum and the team receives the money.

Bottom line if the Lighhouse does not renovate the Coliseum Nassau County has to pay to upgrade it's building or it goes out of business for all events and related revenue for the County.
Anyone wonder if the Kings owner could be considering moving his own team to Kansas City and vacating Staples Center, this is the second time the Kings will play there so I would not count on it being a home game.
Mr Botta got it right on Charles Wang, anyone who thinks he has owned the Islanders for some real estate deal has not payed attention. I have read countless articles of him in Bridgeport taking out players for dinner, from people with business interest about how his mood the next day depends on the game result. He saved Bridgeport a few years ago too.

A bunch of people a few years ago had the same right to bid on the Hub Development, the Mets got involved too and never spent a dime on hockey players.

For folks who think this is about land for Charles Wang and always has been you have not been paying attention.
Anyone else note Mr Dreger's Tsn article before the one on the Islander was all about the Coyotes finances where he has the league's quotes they are committed to that market despite the financial problems?

Seems he cleaned out the files here the last few days.

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