San Jose 5, New York 3

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NYI Fan Central Comments:

Too small, slow, not skilled enough or strong enough on the puck for far too long tonight.

Islanders needed more than half a game to get skating, when they did they got some quality chances and were in this game to the end.

San Jose did not have to be very good to earn the 3-0 lead off Islander mistakes/breakdowns regardless of shot disparity, that's where the game was ultimately lost.

Cannot make mistakes to Mike Grier for goals. Nabakov flat out robbed Weight blind and Bergenheim did everything but finish at the end of the first. Guerin had a good chance and was robbed..

Still after two periods Islanders were in this hockey game, it easily could have been a different result if they skated like this to open the game.

Joey MacDonald played as well as a goaltender can play facing close to fifty shots.

Richard Park is making me look foolish with discussion about his scoring, he was in on all three goals and playing the best offensive hockey of his career.

That was a winnable game, Islanders needed too long to get into this contest.

I think they had part of one powerplay again tonight?

Jiggs and Billy Jaffe again had very good chemistry.

First period:

Okposo and Campoli forechecked into turnovers, Meyer outnumbered for shot against MacDonald.

Islanders look shorthanded running around their own end for the first five minutes, they got the puck to center ice and four Sharks were in center ice back.

MacDonald too busy early, Semenov throws down smaller Jackman in a fight/wresting match.

Some center ice play, Comeau first descent chance about nine minutes in. Nice graphic showing size/weight difference between these teams. Even worse at center.

Man on man defense slow, Meyer-Witt caught in front for the 1-0 goal for San Jose who are just pressing the attack.

Doug Weight a great job stepping in with a big guy like Ehrhoff who punched Streit in the head after Streit threw an elbow, Weight went to lockeroom after sitting in box for a while.

Four on four, puck bounced on Streit for a chance, Comeau lost his man but Sharks did not control the puck.

Islanders got into Sharks end of ice, just a low percentage angle shot.

Meyer, Comeau too slow to react to Mike Grier who is hardly a skilled player and banks it in off Comeau 2-0.

Bergenheim has best chance of period.

Outnumbers in all three zones too often.
16-4 shots against. Islanders blocked thirteen shots.
Second Period:
Doug Weight returns, left with few minutes left in his fighting penalty.

Meyer does not get the puck in San Jose end, almost leads to a transition goal for Sharks. Guerin generates chance, caught on point two-on-one counter for SJ.

Pock point shot, outnumbered 4-1 going for rebound.

Grier almost scored again on wrap-around, Comrie penalty on a mild crosscheck after the play.

Joey MacDonald outstanding save on cross-ice pass. Shots against 22-5, Park draws penalty skating.

Four on four play, Islanders cannot get puck out, Hunter cannot clear, Boyle walks in for 3-0 goal, Campoli fell leaving Bailey back to set up play.

Guerin forces Nabakov to make a quality save on short Islander powerplay.
Okposo turnover big shot stopped MacDonald. Penalty over another save off Rob Blake.

Islanders being dominating all three ends of ice.

Okposo line with Comrie best sustained pressure down low, no quality shots but good movement. Eight minutes left in second period.

Campoli almost beaten wide, forced Shark behind net.

Fourth line pressure, Sharks come down with quality chance, MacDonald two saves.

Streit to Richard Park who bats in his own rebound 3-1. Six points in five games for Streit.

Sharks come right back with pressure. MacDonald big save on Thornton backhand.

Okposo almost made it 3-2 off a good forecheck by Comrie.
Weight robbed on a rebound off a Hunter shot, open net stick save. Islanders create another chance, Nabakov left net open again.

Islanders seemed to finally get in this game and controlled play.
Third Period:
Joey MacDonald show to open the third.

Islanders gave up chances but had a lot of good counter rushes and almost got the 3-2 goal with Jackman, Park, Bergenheim generating plays themselves. Campoli was hooked in his own end, it was not called, Comrie was called.

Islanders killed the four on three powerplay.

Hunter just missed Park for a breakaway.

Islanders miss a puck in center-ice Rob Blake leads a 3-2 rush with a perfect pass to Grier for his second goal into an open net against Witt-Meyer. No chance for MacDonald.

4-1 game.

Witt penalty.

Jackman scores shorthanded off the rush 4-2. Park made the play to set him up for his third point.

This is where Islanders have been scoring, penalty to Witt over.

Thomas Pock scores on point shot off Shark, another Park assist.

4-3 hockey game 1:03 left....

Goalie pulled Streit picked, open net goal for San Jose 5-3 final.

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