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* At best token coverage here this weekend for the ASG and the Sound Tigers.

Doing a year-round blog like this does not allow for many breaks and with the Islanders off for eight days it's a good time to recharge the batteries.

* Along those lines will we see a double-standard in Newsday coverage sending a writer to cover Cablevision's goaltender at the ASG considering a year ago the Islanders goaltending starting the game did not mandate a writer be sent or a blog be written, even after DiPietro sustained an injury in the skills competition?

* Someone is going to have to tell me why Cablevision owned Newsday would not want the Islanders to move so they can save hundreds of millions on the television contract and market the teams they own even more than they do already on Long Island?

Of course the city papers do not seem so obligated despite how many appearances the club makes in schools in Queens.
I guess you can call this a mini State of NYIFC address which I did a year ago September.

* It's been a while since I have written this but I want to make clear to my readers that this is not an insider blog in any way. I express my comments on a lot of subjects but that does not mean what it is correct nor does it make me any kind of authority about anything. Sometimes I am wrong but I think I try to be fair above all.

This is also not some kind of media only blog that questions or praises writers, NYIFC covers all things Islanders as does the prospect blog linked to this page.

NYIFC also has no interest in scoops, page views or plays the sensationalism game.

I could care less about any of that nor am I here to make a new career for myself and as always prefer to be dead last with information so what you read here is correct or comes from credible media sources.

I have not decided on the future of NYIFC beyond this season. I have told a few folks I'm at the point where I would be considered a senior citizen for something like blogging. I have written about hockey for a long time and looking at other things I wish to do next.

Finally, I would like to thank all the folks who do visit, e-mails or respond, it's been an amazing experience regardless what I decide moving forward.

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