We are not doctors, we are NY Islander fans

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/09/2009 03:33:00 PM |
It's very easy for us as fans of the New York Islanders to sit back and pretend to play doctor with regard to these players, this goes for the media as well.

None of us are doctors.

This is a losing season, a lost season already so there is a lot of frustration, especially over things that cannot be controlled.

Injuries are something no team official or player can control.

The latest news on goaltender Rick DiPietro means a lot of things.

They are absolutely not taking any chances if there is any degree of doubt and he cannot get through practices or workouts without issues as he tries to do more.

He had a setback last week and Thursday Danis had to be recalled again.

Is the right thing being done? No idea, I'm not a doctor, neither are you.

It's easy for us as hockey fans to suggest DiPietro should call it a season and shut things down but DiPietro can sit until August and have the same problems after practicing for a few days and that is something no one is taking about.

This season at best has been one long training camp for him and that may continue for a while longer.

Having written this it's getting to a point where sitting for the remainder of this season has to enter the radar soon if these trends continue. It could come as soon as the latest examination or not at all but you don't sit someone down as a precaution to save them for next year, that makes no sense.

I have no doubt DiPietro wants to play and try to help the club, this is what professionals do and we saw him play through pain as he did in the 2007 playoffs where no one said he should stay home after game two when he won in Buffalo.

I also believe management is trying to work with the doctors and not push but not hold him back either.

No doubt it's a very delicate balance, as hockey fans we do not care about the details all we see is someone taking a step back for every one he takes forward, it's frustrating.

If folks think this is about his contract or his personality I submit we do not know him personally and to make any of this about his contract only reflects a biased viewpoint against him that is worthless to any discussion regarding his health.

Bottom line we are not doctors, we are New York Islander fans.

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