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Newsday: Greg Logan in the Islander Newsday blog speculates it was a telling moment that showed where things stood between Scott Gordon and Mike Comrie when Brendan Witt went into a forward spot in Thusday's game.

The beatwriter also speculates this was also about mending fences with Witt who could be one of the few returning veterans.

The Islander head coach also talks about Chris Campoli and the circumstances with Weight, Streit and Okposo all on the point for most powerplays when the club was healthy and a few words about the New Jersey Devils.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I tend to dobut this coach does anything to mend fences in terms of a players role, and only the coach and player know the working relationship until they tell us otherwise. Campoli's comments on the Senators website that he was treated first class by the Islanders since day one never made it into Newsday or Point Blank which needed to be.

Have to tell the entire story of what players, coaches, general managers say or it's not fair to anyone.

The telling moment for Comrie has been his placement on left wing early in the season and recently until Weight got hurt again which Mr Logan did not write about.

Fox Sports: Reports Chris Campoli Saturday has two secondary assists after Montreal took a 4-0 lead with an even rating.

Mike Comrie has one shot on goal as this game enters the third period with Montreal leading 5-2.

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