Fifteen Game Winning Streak Revisited

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/20/2009 11:00:00 PM |

I know this has been posted before but 2/20/82 is 26th anniversary of the Islanders Fifteen game winning streak, I pushed it back a little because of Friday's big trade.

Yes folks, our fans used to cheer like that at games. Only wish we had NYIFC in those days.

Look at this dominance.
1/21/82-New York 6, Pittsburgh 1
1/23/82-New York 6, Rangers 1
1/26/82-New York 9, Pittsburgh 2
1/27/82-New York 6, Pittsburgh 3
1/30/82-New York 4, Minnesota North Stars 2
2/02/82-New York 7, Washington 6
2/04/82-New York 5, Washington 2
2/06/82-New York 6, Detroit 2
2/07/82-New York 7, Buffalo 3
2/11/82-New York 8, Chicago 2
2/13/82-New York 8, Philadelphia 2
2/14/82-New York 9, Hartford 1
2/16/82-New York 6, Pittsburgh 2
2/18/82-New York 7, Philadelphia 4
2/20/82-New York 3, Colorado 2

No NHL team has since has won fifteen straight games in regulation.

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