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New York Islander Fan Central | 2/15/2009 04:25:00 AM | |
As of game time Saturday the votes were as follows regarding the Islanders putting in a bid on Dallas forward Sean Avery at two million in a quick four day poll:
Yes 13 (18%)
No 57 (81%)

I did my blog entry and gave my reasons why I was in favor and it was close early but turned into a blowout the other way.

I guess we'll see if Dallas simply keeps him on the sidelines/AHL where they do not have to pay him his full salary. Technically speaking they may even save money on a full buyout over the summer vs paying half his contract to play on another team but there is the cap hit.

I suspect for now everyone will see if he can control himself which could go as deep as the trade deadline. I do suspect another club will claim him on re-entry waivers before the Rangers if the Islanders do not.

There's always Ryan Hollweg here who simply cannot produce.

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