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Newsday: John Jeansonne has comments from Islanders head coach Scott Gordon where he compares coaching in Providence his first year to this level, how he feels the club has improved from the first half despite a second half with no playoff expectations and credited them for playing competitive hockey with adversity as he also discussed the veterans.

Newsday: Eden Laikin recaps Tuesday's meetings where Charles Wang says he has yet to secure funding for the ten year project because zoning has not been approved as different opinions are given from commercial real estate experts as to whether Mr Wang-Rechler could ever raise that kind of revenue for something of this size.

Newsday: Eden Laikin has more from Charles Wang where he talks about his " out " clause at the end of the process if Nassau County does not approve the project, makes clear enough the exhibition game in KC was not a subtle move and even though he wants the team to stay where it is and is not negotiating with anyone, he has to keep his options open.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure seems like Newsday staff is keeping the KC angle in play going to the group of people in that market for reaction. This could save Cablevision hundreds of millions in television rights fees and eliminate the Ranger competition so they can expand their market, it is absolutely in Cablevision-Msg's best financial interest the New York Islanders relocate.

As for Mr Wang he said about what I expected which were comments made before the meeting (important to remember) and Tuesday's approval but bottom line if this is approved by TOH there is a good chance it will be approved again by Nassau. If not Mr Wang has his out on the lease (120 days after TOH approval if Nassau does not negotiate a new lease) but that is a long shot and makes clear enough the team belongs here and is not looking to sell or move.

Seems like Newsday overplayed relocation angle here a lot. Mr Wang's shot across the bow was at Nassau County, not TOH.

If TOH turns down project the lease remains in effect until 2015 with no out.

I want to see how he is going to get this kind of long-term financing, that's the miracle of this project yet to be seen.

Newday: Mr Logan in the Islanders Newsday blog defends his publications coverage of the hearings despite the articles posting late (8:40pm-10:00pm) for a morning meeting that ended 1pm (after a second full day of virtually non-stop blanket Ranger coverage) and for a second straight day the beatwriter also makes clear powerful interests in Canada also see the Isles as a potential target despite no such reports at this time as he questions the potential problems of financing.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
This is the second time Mr Logan has made clear there are interest in Canada for this team but does not tell us who or where? I have read this nowhere. If he has the scoop is he saving it because once again he sure ignored reminding us Queens was absolutely interested which Newsday did not break the story on?

I don't want to hit Newsday too hard on this but that meeting was in the morning and wrapped by 1pm, the LIBN has the recap within a few hours, Newsday took seven hours plus to have articles posted, the headline was a bit misleading and did not tell the entire story.

I was not at the meeting so it's not my place to comment as to whether the writer
was fair or not with the percentage of Islander fan influence in the hearing.

Oh yes, print edition at this time:
Rangers 3, Islanders 0 (apparently Mr Jeansonne's article for now is not included)
Mr Zipay, Herrmann, Staple and Katie Strang updates.
Three blog updates from Mr Zipay.

Greg Logan zero.

Islanders website: Had a few words from owner Charles Wang on Tuesday's meeting.

Islanders website: Has some very interesting quotes from head coach Scott Gordon at the IBC meeting.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
As a rule I would never post this but second time in a week Scott Gordon went to the board to explain his coaching, first he did it with Mr Botta, now the IBC members.

I like it a lot and hope he does it more so fans can understand his coaching and what he's trying to do. I'm hoping he can win me over and that does not come with wins and losses but his concepts. I want to discover why so many felt he would make an excellent head coach long before the Islanders hired him.
Mike Comrie has scored a first period goal in his return to Ottawa, Chris Campoli a third period assist in a Senators victory.

Fox Peter Schrager has an interesting feature on Denis Potvin hitting Ulf Nilsson and the genesis of " Potvin's Cups chant " with a lot of media reaction on the rivalry from one Gregory Logan of Newsday, Len Berman, Phil Mushnick, Scott Ferrall. George Vecsey's article is referenced from the Times the other day, Denis Potvin is again quoted with fan reaction on both sides.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I think what caught my attention here was how many of the media folks commenting are so out of touch with today's rivalry and hockey in general. The Potvin chants at Msg are lukewarm these days at best.

Ranger fans say it's tradition, Islander fans say it's jealously. Put my on the side of jealously but I'm obviously biased here but I remember when and how it gained momentum which was with New York winning the Stanley Cup in 1980, 81, 82, 83 and Islander chants about 1940 which humiliated the Rangers across North America.

Article would have been better without fan reaction but I guess not much hockey media left to talk about it from that era.

Mr Logan had the following:
"The games between these two teams always are still the most intense of the season, And yes, the fans still hate each other. Just check the back-and-forth arguments on the blogs that are infuriating because they have no end."

Boston Herald/New Bedford Standard Times: Mick Colageo has Denis Potvin's comments on the trade of Butch Goring to the Islanders and what he told them that meant a lot to the players at the time.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio has comments from head coach Jack Capuano, Andrew MacDonald and Joel Rechlicz as well as the Albany River Rats who make their first trip along with Sound Tigers weekly here and game preview here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The XML feeds from the Ct Post work with Mr Fornabaio's newspaper articles now on our sidebar.

Anyone with a blog/website and wants the Ct Post feed drop me an-email and I'll be glad to give it to you.