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Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio in his Sound Tigers blog had an announcement from the Albany River Rats after a terrible bus accident that have three players listed in serious condition that Friday's game has been rescheduled for Tuesday, March 31 2009 at 7:00 p.m.

An announcement on next weeks game being rescheduled also is expected Friday. Also released a statement with team President Howard Saffan's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Of course the only thing that matters is that everyone is ok. This should mean Bridgeport's three game weekend will be only be Saturday-Sunday. I still cringe when Mr Fornabaio drives back in bad weather after what happened to him a few years ago.
I listended to Anthony Weiner's interview on WFAN which was archived here about the Islanders and Brooklyn which is about 99 percent into the interview where he only mentions it. On 2/1 we had his comments in the Times on Chico Resch growing up here in another article.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Whatever, until we get a yes/no on the Lighthouse and some real action either way there is nothing to write beyond New York City (some Brooklyn/Queens officials) would like to add another NHL hockey team.

As an Islander fan of course I want the project built but even as an outsider with no stake at all that concrete parking lot does not represent changing suburbia, this project is not replacing Eisenhower Park and there will be more trees in the Lighthouse than there is right now.

No doubt the twists and turns will continue both ways.

One thing for sure is Nassau County cannot pay to replace it's own arena and Mr Wang-Rechler own the hotel regardless of what is built there.

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