New York 3, Tampa Bay 1

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/03/2009 09:58:00 PM |

Associated Press & Sports Network: Has the recap of New York's 3-1 win against Tampa Bay.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I know when a team wins a game 3-1 and it's their fourth straight for a season high streak there is supposed a lot of positives.

The Islanders won this game, I did not like how they played.

Hunter's post before he scored was as good as his goal. Okposo's touch pass for a three on one was the Islanders best chance of the night.

Nielsen had some chances (as did Park) with that nice shot off the post in the third but for the most part the Islanders were off and did not have a very effective powerplay again.

Choppy game by the Islanders, choppy game by Tampa. Danis was a big difference even though he did not hold some rebounds and some shots hit the post against him.

Were Tampa's goaltenders even tested after Ramo basically beat himself on the last two goals with his defense getting in the way?

High marks to Yann Danis and a team defense that played the third without Streit but they were scrambling far too much against a struggling team all night. They got some calls and a break on Martin StLouis's crosscheck which would have made it 3-2.

Tampa had the better chances and simply did not finish, all night long they seemed one pass or play short and the missed the net a few times. Even on Tampa's goal they kept making mistakes before LeCavalier finally got it in his wheelhouse but that's not a great shot to take with a five on three.

Witt touching that puck early on a hand pass immediately led to a great chance where Danis robbed a Tampa player and Hunter had to take a penalty.

Credit to the Islanders for doing enough in the trenches to earn two points and especially Yann Danis.

Take the two points and move on, Islanders have lost games they generated better chances. Do not want to be tough on our team when they win but I'm looking for chemistry and the kind of offense built to last.

Did not see nearly enough of it tonight.

No one wrote a word why Joey MacDonald was healthy enough to be on the bench but not able to start? Seems like the same plan that we saw earlier with DiPietro.

We'll see what the story is with Mark Streit, he scored after the hit but that shoulder took a good hit.

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