Poll Update on Jeff Tambellini

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/08/2009 09:00:00 AM |
Here are the poll numbers on Sunday regarding Jeff Tambellini.

The overall response indicates time could be up leading the voting but when you combine he was doing well, he should be playing over Park/Hilbert with he will have to wait his turn it tends to balance out somewhat.

Bergenheim came off IR during the poll.
Do you think Jeff Tambellini's latest benching is fair?

4 (11%)

He should be playing over Park-Hilbert given standings

5 (14%)

Here comes another conditioning stint

1 (2%)

The latest benching means his time is almost up

14 (41%)

No problem, he just will have to wait his turn

7 (20%)

With Bergenheim out he should always be in the lineup

3 (8%)


1 (2%)

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