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Newsday: Katie Strang had comments from Rangers defenseman Erik Reitz about his knee on knee hit against Sean Bergenheim in the Newsday Ranger blog Friday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Seems Newsday has no problem sending someone to Greenburgh to do Ranger blog updates and cover practice on days without games while the Islander Newsday blog is not updated to the same degree for a team that conducts practice at Syosset or Nassau Coliseum?

This was after Steve Zipay's earlier update Friday.

Obviously Reitz could have cared less about the knee on knee hit or if another player got seriously injured, hopefully the Islanders bookmark it for 3/5.

Newsday: Anthony Rieber reports the Lighthouse Project took a small step forward on Friday when Hempstead supervisor Kate Murray called on the town board to approve a key environmental report at its next meeting on Tuesday.

If the board approves the report, the Lighthouse developers will next have to answer concerns about how the project will impact the local environment.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

In short Kate Murray gave herself a pat on the back and some positive political fodder before Town of Hempstead night at the Coliseum which could have gotten ugly without something to settle the masses. Again Kate Murray maintained this was only submitted less than a year ago which is correct in it's current version.

Bottom line approving an environmental report be released does not mean what's in the report is favorable for the project, it could be exactly the opposite come Tuesday.

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