Sorry Mr Botta, Our fans should always respond

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/02/2009 11:57:00 AM |
Point Blank: Mr Botta makes a entry our fans should not write or respond to items like Steve Simmons article in the Toronto Sun because it gives the writer more page views which helps him with his editor.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

I think I'm starting to understand how come the Islanders all these years sat back and let their perception take a huge beating in the media with virtually no response which is how we got to where we are today.

I have no idea what part Mr Botta played in that and you have to pick your spots, but you don't sit back and ignore something when it's unfair. It's this kind of philosophy that got a Long Island label stamped on a New York team far too often that put the team in a bad spot today and limited it's fan base.

You have to stand up and hit back. A lot of articles on the Islanders are negative but fair, many others are not.

For that matter where is Cory Witt to do a little hitting back as he has done recently on a few items? If he can do it for the Avalanche he can do it for the team he works for.

Larry Brooks takes shots his shots at the Islanders viability and local presence but because he feels the Islanders should receive revenue sharing he's done a good article?

Is this how far things have fallen we give thanks for insults?


Mr Brooks knows who owns Islanders marketing on television, he knows they do not get a fair shake in his Newspaper, if he wants to talk about the Islanders viability he should start at his editor's doorstep and the double-standards they set.

This is the same Larry Brooks who reported in 2006 Mike Bossy (and Bryan Trottier) were not attending the 25th anniversary without compensation, a few weeks later he had to do a retraction where he blamed his staff for giving him incorrect information.

Then he ignored the event entirely despite covering that team in 1980.

Mr Botta told folks over the summer when it came to Newsday when Mr Rieber/Mr Baumbach would write things just to stir up Islander fans to ignore them.

Mr Botta would pick his spots in his old job ripping Newsday/Alan Hahn/Glen Healy when the former goaltender starting ripping Yashin's personal life.

My point is you cannot just pick your spots, one day tell folks ignore and the next hit back.

Our fans should always respond when they think something is not fair or correct long and loud. This is how you show these writers they cannot get away with misinformation or things that are not fair, that our fans are passionate about this team and will not let misinformation or outright poor journalism pass.

Perhaps Mr Botta does not see it but the more you sit back and take it, the further the media will go until you do respond.

By then perception is created and it leads to more articles along the same lines.

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