Carolina 5, New York 4

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/20/2009 09:46:00 PM |
Carolina News Observer: Chip Alexander's blog recap of New York's 5-4 loss in Carolina to the Hurricanes Friday night.

Associated Press: Also recaps Friday's game.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No doubt the first overall pick fans are happy with this, I'm not.

Okposo gets spun around in the second, no call. Third periods officials start calling everything but are not consistent with McAmmond who they even give a penalty to for arguing to create a five on three advantage. This after Mannino was run on the 4-3 goal by a player who made no effort not to avoid the goaltender?

I have seen Andy Hilbert, Tim Jackman called for goaltender's interference in games where they barely grazed the opposing goaltenders.

Edit-Martinek pushed him a little but not much.

That was just a poorly officiated games top to bottom, nothing was called for a good part of the night then they start finding things?

All you ask for is a little consistency. I may just be someone with a blog but McAmmond knew and so did Billy Jaffe who always goes above and beyond to defend the officials.

For the Islanders part they never got it going in the third period against a team that dominated in the second because of how often they were shorthanded. Carolina in this game was on the ropes with the Isles creating some great chances with the speed and skill.

Isles did everything but put away a team on a seven game home winning streak with their playoffs on the line.

Tambellini made a great play at the net, was robbed in the first and sent Tim Gleason flying with one hit. Nielsen, Comeau, Okposo had some excellent moves with two very impressive backchecks. Bailey made a very nice inside-out move for a chance he just missed on in the second.

If I'm going to be critical of Park, Jackman and Hilbert for not scoring enough I have to give them their due with the plays they made to score and create goals, Jackman made two outstanding passes, Park a beautiful top shelf shot, Hilbert outstanding pass to find Gervais who has never looked better and more confident despite the delay of game.

Mannino was very good but he cannot give up the goal he allowed in the opening minute, beyond that he had little help on some breakdowns or good play by Carolina with the games usually a pinball game down there with those boards where a lot of goals seem to happen fast.

Chad LaRose looks like a world-beater against the Isles, the defensive reads on some plays were not good even when the Isles had numbers. Brendan Witt looked out of place in this one.

Rechlicz had a few shifts where he skated well. Streit does look like the leader of this team right now. Okposo got credit for the goal off his shot but he is simply dominating.

I think without the third period penalties the Isles keep generating chances and put this one away. They had Carolina beaten on this night.

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