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Sound Tiger articles in their Sunday game thread.
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Wake me when/if a trade actually happens. Darren Dreger included in his Guerin-Morris update Sunday night regardless of whether he is traded or not Bill Guerin will not play for the Islanders against Colorado Monday which no other media outlet confirmed or to my knowledge reported.

Newsday: Greg Logan for the most part re-wrote his blog entry on Bill Guerin with head coach Scott Gordon comments on his captain's trade status, his current roster and the beatwriter's Saturday locker room story.

Mr Logan added word from the Guerin camp at 8 p.m. confirmed there was no deal to report Sunday night and adds relations between Gordon and a group of veterans ruptured beyond repair at midseason, most especially with Guerin.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Scott Gordon keeps saying he has no problem with Bill Guerin, if things have ruptured beyond repair with a group of veterans no one is putting names to quotes to support this which does not mean it's incorrect but begs the question what's the point here and if you knew don't hold the information.

Newsday: Mark Herrmann had Greg Logan's back as expected, claimed this has been boiling for weeks and that Gordon should have treated Guerin better and what this means for veteran free agents in the future under this coach, while Ryan Smyth did not take the bait and credited how he was treated in his short time here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Funny how when Mr Herrmann was running down Glen Sather's record this week he did not make the same points about future UFA not signing with the Rangers. Only Bill Guerin at this time knows if he does go if he is leaving distraught. It's not like he was given fourth line minutes or benched here by Scott Gordon.

Guerin played eighteen minutes his last game and was on Scott Gordon's powerplay for close to five minutes which will make no story, does not read like he was left out of anything vs the prospects.

Ted Nolan sent Alexei Yashin home with his bad knee (after coming back early) and told the press not to return until he was ready to play and Nolan was not called out by the media for it.

NY Post: Dan Martin's headline writer gives us something misleading and while Scott Gordon's comments on Guerin returning are included he adds Guerin, however may feel differently.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

The Post headline writer knows Islanders bumbled the trade? There is no evidence of this and three parties need to agree here between the team, Guerin and the other team?

We have been offered nothing that indicates this for now.

Denver Post: Teri Frei has the latest on the Colorado Avalanche who are in the NY area.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

Colorado has a game on 3/4 at home so with them in the area do not expect this game to be rescheduled based on weather under any circumstances. Schedule has no real breaks for them to return and unless Colorado has a dramatic turnaround this game will mean little in the playoff race unless they free fall in the lottery race.

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