Mets, Jets, Islanders take it on chin from Newsday

New York Islander Fan Central | 3/24/2009 02:30:00 PM |
This article has nothing to do with the New York Islanders, but if you feel Newsday has double-standards in their reporting depending on team, this one's for you here.

Wallace Matthews I believe surfaced last July for an article titled:
Snow forecast, lets hope Islanders aren't buried for those wondering when Ted Nolan and Garth Snow went their separate ways.

I do not recall Mr Matthews surfacing since for a New York Islander article.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
My point with this baseball-only article on this day is to ask the question how come Newsday staff does not ask the exact same questions of both teams that play at MSG?

When the Jets signed/traded whatever for Brett Favre last fall Matthews wrote about the Jets that day as he did the Mets today.

We see Newsday staff gang up on the New York Islanders like this with Mark Herrmann usually leading the charge.

Meanwhile the owned by Cablevision/Newsday Knicks (28-42) clinched an eighth straight losing season, tying the longest run of futility in franchise history (1959-60 to 1966-67) and the Rangers look very much like the Islander teams that qualified for the playoffs after their eight years of being the league's laughingstock franchise spending record amounts of payroll.

How come we do not see the same criticisms from writers or columnists from Newsday staff?

I think it's a fair question to ask.

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